Body Quills

Product amazing

This product have the avantage of given a realistic fly, it’s amazing. Hemingway’s Synthetic Tapered Peacock Quill is an exciting product that imitates the natural peacock quill incredibly well and is a great alternative for quill bodied flies. These extra thin, vinyl strips come on a backing sheet and are self-adhesive for practical application. They are tapered on the end so a more natural look is achieved. The strips feature extra fine, detailed and gradient print with light and dark rims, mimicking the natural coloration and detail of stripped peacock quill. The application is super easy – peel them off the backing sheet, snip out and wrap around the fly tightly. These strips are quite sturdy and waterproof, with a top sheen applied, but finishing with a thin layer of Clear Cure Goo Hydro would give it that extra touch.