Welcome to the Gerryfishsport Online Store! These are the terms and conditions of the Gerryfishsport.com online store and apply to all interactions between Gerryfishsport and the customer (later referred to as “Customer”) on the Gerryfishsport.com/ * website. Only consumers over 18 years of age can shop at Gerryfishsport.

1. Shopping at Gerryfishsport The customer can order products from Gerryfishsport as an unregistered customer. The customer who decides to place orders must enter the required customer information separately for each order or orders can not be delivered. Placing an order requires a functional email address. The reason for this is that order confirmations are only delivered to the customer by e-mail. Customers can also view their order information on the MY ACCOUNT page. The customer agrees to provide accurate personal information and is responsible for this information. In order for Gerryfishsport to serve the Customer in the best possible manner, the Registered Customer must notify Gerryfishsport of any changes to his personal information without delay. When the customer joins Gerryfishsport, he or she chooses a password. The customer agrees to keep this password secret and refrains from giving it to others. The customer is responsible for all actions taken at Gerryfishsport using his or her personal login information. If Customer detects or suspects that its login information has been exposed, misused or stolen by a third party, Customer shall immediately report it to Gerryfishsport. Gerryfishsport reserves the right to freeze a Customer’s account if it suspects that the login information is abused.

2. Processing personal information Gerryfishsport manages all personal information in accordance with current Canadian personal data legislation and acts as a controller of a personal data file. The customer’s personal information is processed as described in the file description.

3. Cookies Cookies may be sent to the Customer’s browser. A cookie is a small text file that allows Gerryfishsport to collect data on how and when the online store is used. A cookie can store this information when and which pages and the Client browsing, which browser he / she used. Information received via cookies is by nature anonymous, but it is also possible to link the cookie information to the Customer’s personal information. The purpose of using cookies is to analyze and develop Gerryfishsport to better serve the Customer. Cookie data also tracks visitor statistics and measures the effectiveness of different Gerryfishsport features. Cookie information can also be used to produce customized advertising. The customer has the ability to disable cookies from his / her browser settings, but this can have adverse effects on the ease of use of Gerryfishsport.

4. Place orders In order to purchase one or more products, the customer must first place the items in the shopping cart and then submit the order according to Gerryfishsport’s instructions. Customers may make changes to their shopping cart at any time before the order is finalized and paid for. The Customer is invited to carefully review its order before finalizing it. Once the order is placed, the customer receives an order confirmation in the e-mail address he has provided. An order becomes mandatory for the Customer once the ordering process is complete.

5. Prices Items are invoiced at the prices in effect at the time of the order. Product prices are in effect indefinitely or for a period specified separately on the product information page. Product prices do not include postage; the shipping costs are indicated separately during the ordering process and again in the order confirmation. Gerryfishsport reserves the right to change product prices. Gerryfishsport makes every effort to keep the prices posted on the site as accurate and up to date as possible, but Gerryfishsport can not give any guarantee as to the accuracy of prices. Gerryfishsport is not bound by an erroneous price posted on the site if the difference between the erroneous price and the actual price is significant or if the erroneous price is exceptionally low compared to the general market levels or if the error is so obvious the customer must understand that this is a mistake.

6. Availability of the product Gerryfishsport sells a wide range of products with varying sizes and availability. Gerryfishsport can not guarantee the availability of the products sold on the site of sale on line. Products that are usually always available may also be temporarily sold due to production irregularities, for example. Gerryfishsport aims to keep the availability information on the website as accurate and up to date as possible. If a product ordered by the Customer is completely unavailable, Gerryfishsport reserves the right to deliver to the Customer a replacement product of the same value and quality equal to or greater than the product ordered. The price of the replacement product can not exceed the price of the original item, unless the customer accepts a higher price. If a replacement product is not available, the transaction is considered canceled in respect of the product in question. In such cases, consumer credit granted for the purchase of the product is also canceled. If the customer has already paid for a totally unavailable product and no replacement product can be found, Gerryfishsport will reimburse the customer for the price the customer has paid for the product. The money will be returned using the bank details provided by the customer.

7. Order Confirmation Once the order is placed and the transaction is completed, the Customer will receive a confirmation of the order in his e-mail address. This order confirmation contains all important information about the order. A copy of the order confirmation is also attached to the delivery. The customer must ensure that the information contained in the order confirmation is correct. If the customer is a registered member of Gerryfishsport, he can also view his orders and order history by logging into the member section of the website. Gerryfishsport reserves the right to refuse orders for valid reasons.

8. Payment Shopping and paying at Gerryfishsport is perfectly safe. All personal and payment information is processed using an encrypted SSL connection. SSL means Secure Sockets Layer and serves to protect online data communication. All payment details (PAYPAL information) are always processed using 100% secure and encrypted connections. Gerryfishsport does not store the customer’s ID number, debit or credit card number or any payment information of this type. Transactions are processed by the PAYPAL payment system. PAYPAL is a company specializing in payment systems. For more information about PAYPAL, visit their homepage at https://www.paypal.com/

9. Shipping Shipping Methods and Costs

* All Gerryfishsport orders are delivered by CANADA POST.

* The method of shipment is home delivery or delivery to the post office / local pick-up point closest to the delivery address entered in the customer information, depending on the country concerned.

* Pick-up points vary by country. A collection point can be located in a post office, shop, kiosk, etc.

* Order Tracking: The customer can track their orders via the appropriate tracking codes or by logging into Gerryfishsport and accessing My Account.

* Depending on the situation, the customer receives a text message or an e-mail when the order has arrived at the collection point. In the case of home deliveries, the customer is contacted prior to delivery so that an appropriate delivery time can be agreed.

* Orders are shipped to the points of withdrawal closest to the delivery address in the following countries: Bulgaria, Cyprus and Romania.

* Orders are shipped automatically to the following countries: France, Canada, United States Shipping Diagnosis If you notice that your package has been damaged before opening it, notify the collection point where you received the package. If you have already opened the package before you see it, please contact our customer service: infos@gerryfishsport.com.

Order Restrictions

• Shipping Restrictions Gerryfishsport delivers orders to the countries mentioned above, with the exception of Haiiwi, the Virgin Islands (USA).

• Clients under 15 years of age If an order is placed by a person under 15 years of age, the guardian of that person is responsible for the order.

• P.O. Addresses of the box Gerryfishsport does not deliver orders to P.O. box addresses.

10. Right of cancellation The customer has the right to cancel a transaction within 14 days of receipt of the product. The customer must return the product in question to Gerryfishsport and attach a completed return form to the return package (an empty return form is sent with each order). . The right of withdrawal requires that the product shows no signs of use, always in its original packaging and can be resold. Under normal circumstances, Gerryfishsport pays the shipping costs resulting from cancellations. If the product can not be returned by regular mail, the customer is responsible for all costs resulting from the return. Gerryfishsport reimburses the customer for the full value of the product. Payment is made using the PAYPAL contact information by the customer in the return form. If a consumer credit has been granted for the purchase of the canceled product, the credit is also canceled for this product. In these cases, the creditor reimburses all credit costs realized on the customer’s account

11. Product Inspection and Claims Immediately after receipt of an order, the Customer must verify that the package contains all the items that it should contain and that all products are in perfect condition. If the customer notices an error in the order or an error in a product, the customer must inform Gerryfishsport customer service as soon as possible, within 30 days of receiving the order (email: infos@gerryfishsport.com).

12. Warranty Products sold at Gerryfishsport come with a warranty provided by Gerryfishsport.

13. Force majeure Gerryfishsport is not responsible for shipping delays, defective products or other contract violations occurring for reasons beyond the control of Gerryfishsport (force majeure). In the event of force majeure, Gerryfishsport first contacts the Client to ask if he wishes to keep the contract. If so, then Gerryfishsport will assume its responsibilities to the extent possible in light of the situation in question.

14. Applicable Legislation and Disputes Canadian law is applied to these Terms and Conditions, excluding Canadian conflict of laws rules. In situations of conflict regarding these Terms and Conditions or their application, the parties seek to resolve the situation primarily through negotiation.

15. Customer Service The customer is invited to contact Gerryfishsport customer service for any problem. Email: infos@gerryfishsport.com