Good news for fly fishermen,

Gerryfishsport has concentrated these realistic flies at REALISTICFLY.CA.

Realisticfly is a subsidiary of Gerryfishsport which mission is to sell High Quality products with a more professional service. Quality and Guarantee are the priorities at REALISTICFLY.

If you’ve had the experience of fishing with a fly rod and you’ve caught a fish, you now know what it feels like to be a fly fisherman on every fishing adventure. It is a sensation that leads to a permanent obsession.

If you want to try the experience, we’d love to help you get started with your fly fishing kit!
Warning: once you catch your first fish with your own realistic Hemmingway fly made by you, you will be hooked like us, constantly dreaming of your next realistic fly design, your next fish or your next adventure.

This obsession with fly fishing inspired the fanatic Gérard Germain to set up a fly fishing business for any fisherman who dreams of catching his biggest fish with his own realistic fly. One name, Gerryfishsport. Known throughout North America, its mission is to make a philosophy of life for each fisherman.

Fly fishing is constantly evolving, and we are proud to be part of it by selling INNOVATIVE and TECHNOLOGICAL products for fly fishing either in fresh or saltwater.

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